Captain Chris Hanson



Captian Chris Hanson, has been fishing since he could hold a rod in his hand, says his mother Margie. Captain Chris has fished the Upper Keys for over 32 years. Captain Chris moved to Key Largo from New Hampshire, when he was seven. His parents Margie and Wayne took him fishing for the first time, when he was 5 months old. His mom, Margie had him secured in a sled. As Margie tosses her first cast, she looks down and the sled with Captain Chris in tow, got away from her. Before his mom Margie could catch up to the sled, it came to an abrupt stop at the end of the embankment, when she approached the Captian, he was all smiles and laughing! "Guess you could say fishing runs through my blood"! After spending several summer vacations in the Upper Keys, His parents packed up the family and moved to Key Largo in 1987. It was that same year, in Key Largo where his parents opened Tiffany's Styling Salon. It was a successful salon for 32 years, and they just closed shop last year. Business and fishing runs through their blood. Within a week of them moving into their new home, on the Ocean side, Captian Chris was fishing a block from his house down on Fishermans Trail,  

Being a native, Captain Chris Hanson is very familiar with the area and the species found in the local waters. As a kid Captain Chris, and his friends would fish the surrounding area, every weekend. With the arrival of his first boat at age 16 came the ability to explore the shallow bays and mangrove islands that connect the waters off of Monroe County. Which include the Everglades National park, Florida Bay and the Atlantic Shoreline. 

When Captain Chris's wasn't exploring the waters with his friends, he could be found working at "Bill's Bait and Tackle". It was there Captian Chris was like a sponge, soaking up all the sea worthy knowledge of the other local captains before him. Most captains were willing to share and teach him. Some captains were Local legends. Whether he was learning to tie knots, or which jig and hook to use. Captain was always looking to catch the next BIG catch. It was also there at "Bills Bait and Tackle" he learned and mastered the skills for building custom fishing rods. Captain Chris can build a custom rod from scratch, starting from a blank, and can put your choice of grips, and guides. He can also strip them down completely and re thread them with your choice of color. Captain Chris continues to build custom rods and fix tips and guides for other Captains in the local area. 

Captain Chris dreamed of owning a fishing charter business.  

When Captain Chris got his Captains license in 2006, he was running boats for other Captains. Finally, 2009 realizing it was his time, he bought his first fishing boat, and Scales 2 Tales was born. How did he come up with the name you ask? Well "All fish have Scales and there is always 2 sides to every fish Tale". 

Captian Chris always knew he had a knack for finding fish and getting them to bite. Captain Chris has the casting skills of a pro, and he is more then happy to cast for you or teach anyone willing to learn. He carries all Florida saltwater fishing license and permits. Keep in mind that During tournaments he can't touch the anglers rod.

 He specializes in Live Bait and Tackle. Captain Chris is a natural when site fishing for the live bait. Sometimes bait is tough to find, but this Captian is always looking for the next migration patch of bait. All of The Upper Keys Captains, work together to find out where the live bait are migrating that particular time of year. If they can't find any bait, and Captain Chris has plenty he is more willing to share his catch of live bait with a fellow Captain indeed. 

Just to name a few, Captain Chris has won several tournaments. Including "Take Stock in Children' its a charity tournament to help pay for college for the local high school kids. In fact his daughter Jade is in the program. Captian Chris has fished the tournament every year, for the last ten years and has won "Top Guide" and his costumers have won 1st place 2nd and 3rd and more. He also placed 1st in the "ABC Builders" Sheraton House (BBI), Ronald McDonald and many more. 

In 2018, Captain Chris was featured in  George Poveromo's World of Saltwater Fishing. After George fished with Captain Chris, he was featured on Poveromo's A Team.  Chris was featured in Episode 3 in January. Captain Chris speaks about his knowledge that was passed down to him at Poveromo fishing seminars. You can click the video button below for link to watch the episode. 

Captian Chris also speaks and teaches woman in their annual "Ladies Lets Go Fishing" 


As a child, he developed a passion for fishing, and continues to enhance his fishing knowledge, and skill level. Captain Chris takes pride in working hard for his clients to ensure their success on the water. He wants his customers to have memories to last them a lifetime. Fishing these waters his entire life has given him the ability to find, and catch the abundant variety of game fish in the Upper Keys, which consist of Snook, Redfish, Trout, Snapper, Grouper, Tarpon, Mahia, Sailfish, King Fish and many more. Captain Chris's favorite fish to catch is, Black-fin Tuna! "Its Something about hearing that drag scream!"  

On his off days, Captain Chris, Kris, and their daughters, Jade, and "Red" can be found on the waters family fun fishing. Captain Chris is passing down the knowledge to them, for every generation to come.

So whether you want to have a fun Family Fishing day, Fish in a tournament, with a group, learn great technics and casting skills and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the Upper Keys, Key Largo, Taveriner, and Islamorada have to offer, Captian Chris Hanson is your guide to the sea.